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Savannah Weddings With all that Savannah has to offer in the way of beautiful and fragrant garden squares, arts, culture, shopping, history, and perhaps most importantly, some really fine weather, it seems she has all the ingredients not only to put together a perfect ensemble of invitations, jewelry, dresses, tuxedos, florals and setting for your wedding but also a vast array of venues for your reception and suitable accommodations for your very special guests as well.

Picture the sun hovering just above the horizon, giving you its last and most colorful rays of the day under which to say "I do." A balmy breeze blows back your veil and lifts the hair off your neck just as you kiss your betrothed to seal your promise of love. A hint of the ocean's scent, sweet and salty makes itself known on that breeze and as you open your eyes for your first look at your husband as his wife, the moment is surreal; just as you've imagined it over and again.

He, in starched white linen and cuff links under a gracefully tailored jacket, you in the dress of your dreams, flowing and fitted at the same time, announcing your couple-dom not only with your vows, but also with simple and lovely gold bands displayed on your intertwined hands silently saying "I will love you forever."

As you turn to face your loved ones, your family and now, your new family to start your new life, your best friend and Maid of Honor hands to you an extraordinary and artfully arranged cascade of colorful orchids, lilies, freesia and roses, you smell the perfumed flowers giving off a delicate scent and though you don't know it now, that same scent, no matter where or when it reaches you, from this point on: the supermarket, Mother's Day bouquets, your child's first dance, will forevermore take you back to this precise moment on your wedding day. Your husband, proudly wears the matching reserved dash of color on his silk lapel, making you both a breathtaking vision of wedded bliss.

After opulent garden photographs, back at fabulously appointed ballroom, the band plays elegant music under dimmed crystal chandeliers for your first dance with your husband. Your meal is brilliantly delicious and well-enjoyed by all. Champagne kisses are lavished and everyone you love so enjoys dining and dancing as the night unfolds. Your one moment of tangled emotions takes place and tears threaten to undermine your makeup when you dance with Dad, the fist man in your life, and he tells you he'll always love you.

You bask in the comfort as the night wanes, that all your guests will have but to go upstairs to their rooms now. You've reserved not only a block of rooms in the hotel for your guests, but also, the Honeymoon Suite for yourselves. No traveling, no driving, no harried trips to the airport. Just the perfect ending to the perfect day. And Savannah has provided you with everything you could have possibly wished for, and more.

Find and book early, your hotel for guests, reception venue, ceremony site, caterer, rentals, wedding planner, florist, transportation, music, and Officiant. No matter what type of wedding you have in mind, there are just the right service providers in Savannah. If you would like help selecting the perfect location to suit your wedding venue dream, rooms for your wedding party and guests please complete our online form. As a complimentary service, we will, on your behalf we research hotels, inns and reception venues that match your criteria freeing you to concentrate on making the perfect memories for every other aspect of your most important day.

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