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Savannah Ga Recreation & Sports

Savannah Recreation - History? Yes. Culture? Of course. Shopping? Naturally. Mystique? Most certainly. Fun? Well, what else would you expect? Savannah is a grown-up, mature city with history, architecture, art, dining, etc. enough to satisfy even the most discriminating culture snob but this city is a lady where all the planets align so that those cultured folks can also let their hair down and enjoy a fun time from the leisurely to the most dynamic extreme.

With mild year-round weather in her subtropical coordinates, Savannah is a great get-away destination for a midwinter trip to beat the cold or to steam up a summer vacation with sun, fun, romance, nightlife or a family junket to the old south for a bit of nature, history and outdoor escapades.

Located on the east coast, Savannah offers the sultry pleasure of slipping into the salty warm waves of the Atlantic where the dolphins frolic and the cranes and storks methodically dive for lunch. This saltwater location brings with it the fruition of all your seafaring craft and deep sea fishing dreams. There are even a few rumors of pirate treasure and along with it the anticipation and excitement of finding a bit of pirate's gold for you and yours, perhaps in a hidden cove while on a daytrip to one of the breakwater islands.

Crisscrossed with rivers and freshwater estuaries, you will also find Savannah most accommodating in her freshwater sport, whether your favorite is some kind of boating, kayaking or canoeing up the lazy river or rafting in the more lively waterways. Perhaps you'll spend some time camped at the river's edge thinking about tomorrow's mouthwatering catch while fly-fishing, freshwater clamming or crabbing. Yum!

If camping life by the waterways is just a bit adventurous for you, yet you enjoy the outdoors, perhaps an RV is the way you'll choose to visit Savannah's breathtaking nature, do a little hunting or hiking and benefit from all the home amenities at the same time.

Aside from the fresh and saltwater marinas, boat rentals, fishing excursions and the varied campsites, Savannah is widely known for her world-class golfing facilities. Offering both public and private golf courses, Savannah and the surrounding areas boasts no less than 26 courses mostly 18-holes and a few 1/2 courses as well. Velvety greens, hushed breezes, the jingle of ice cubes in a crystal glass, titanium and the allure of the thwacking sound as club meets ball that calls to so many as does the siren's song to the sailor.

As the chill from the early morning fog burns off and reveals yet another beautiful day peeking over the horizon onto sunny Savannah, golfers, sportsmen and women, beach bums, would-be sailors and boaters, campers, hunters, cyclists and nature lovers alike rise to see what exploits await them in this beautiful, regal city that wears her natural surroundings as her crowning glory as she beckons you to come, stay, play and enjoy.

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