• Savannah Ga Parks & Historic Squares

Savannah Ga Parks & Historic Squares

Savannah Parks Aside from the park-like squares in the Historic District of Savannah, of which there are currently 24, (see below) there can also be found a whole host of recreational parks, run by the city of Savannah as well as national parks and preserves.

Forsyth Park one of the town's square parks has the distinction of having a fragrance garden utilizing plantings, fountains, wells and landscaping to emit and capture the scent of some particularly aromatic flowers. Forsythe Park has also just recently been declared and "Urban Forest" offering an arboretum right in the city, which showcases over 50 species of trees with markers identifying both the tree's botanical and common names.

Also beautifying the city is Savannah Riverfront Plaza a perfect picnic site with a calming view of the water, Bay Street Strand, several neighborhood parks, and well-maintained and landscaped street medians. It's almost as if the city was designed to promote a park-like atmosphere for its residents when actually, it was designed for regimented purposes of war. One would never know it now but for the many monuments and historical markers around the city that can be seen on a tour or a leisurely stroll.

Walks, trail and bike paths are also part of Savannah's park network while some promote touring through the city, others escape to the greater outdoors where one can do some distance biking, hiking and or birding. For more detailed information on Savannah and go to area parks, or here and for information on national parks and wildlife preserves.

Pulaski National Monument
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