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Mexican Dining Casual Mexican fare is a fun and easy dining choice in Savannah. There are easily a dozen of restaurants from which to choose in Savannah if you have a hankering for authentic Mexican cuisine. There are at least a dozen more if you seek a Mexican restaurant that offers a bar or grille environment yet still maintains a family atmosphere. You can get your fill of quesadillas or chimichangas for the kids and relax with a Dos Equis at the same time. Of course as the night grows long, the family hour passes. Some restaurants choose to feature an area of Mexico such as Cancun while others combine the Tex-Mex menu to offer something of a Southwestern flair. If you know your Mexican menu, search for the Savannah outfit that suits your tastes. If you're accustomed to the standard chips and salsa with a daub of guacamole for starters, we can do that too.

1611 Habersham Street Savannah, GA 31401
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119 Martin Luther King Jr Blvd Savannah, GA 31401
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1 E Broughton Street Savannah, GA 31401
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