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Savannah's Cultural Arts Savannah Georgia is rich in history, mystery, antiquity, lush gardens, entrepreneurial spirit and so many other features that accentuate the eclectic diversity of this city. But all flavors and features of that diversity come together and are perhaps most aptly recognized in Savannah's affinity for the cultural arts.

Seemingly every week there is yet another celebration of one artistic facet or another serving to bring varied communities together through the universal language of The Arts. Whether through music as in the Jazz Festival or Savannah Music Festival or through ethnic celebrations like the Asian Festival or the Tara Feis, (Irish Festival) one is sure to enjoy hand crafted items, good music, celebration of individual cultures all with a welcome for others to come and enjoy.

Woven into the fabric of Savannah life, one will find a festival or display just about every weekend featuring music, as with the Mardi Gras weekend or visual art at the Friday Night Artist Market. One can count on something new and lovely to be found each month at the First Saturday Arts and Crafts Festival with offerings from local artists and craft-folk alike or as with the Fine Arts Festival at the river.

Also regular functions of Savannah's society are the shows like the Southern Women's Show or the Low Country Living Home & Garden Show that offer products and tips on beautifying one's self, one's garden, and one's home with artistic and novel ideas to create a pleasant and serene lifestyle to suit the individual.

So much a part of the fabric of Savannah, that the city has been chosen as one of 99 American cities to participate in a study on the value and growth of the Cultural Arts and how it affects all aspects of life and its quality. This study will observe local artists, producers or ensembles' artistic appeal and how it identifies with the community. All facets of the arts will be considered, for example, the often forgotten literary activity, including publications and events like readings, presentations, poetry readings, etc. Festivals like those mentioned above will be considered in how the performers, music and presentations are selected and interact with the audience on various levels. An honor for the city and a telltale sign of the importance of the Arts as an integral part of Savannah's personality.

This is a community that values the skill and beauty of artistic expression in all forms and consequently has multiple organizations that offer performances in live theater and dance as well as other organizations like The Museum of Art and individually owned and public galleries for the specific display of two and three dimensional art. Certainly not restricted to the visual arts, there are many outlets in the city for those seeking to be entertained and to appreciate various genres like the Savannah Ballet, the Cultural Arts Theatre or the Savannah Abeni Cultural Arts community art gallery, black box theatre and art studio. And there are several venues for those who wish to learn and contribute to the Arts community as well such as S.P.A.C.E., Savannah's Place for Art Culture and Education, the Savannah Cultural Arts Center, Morning Star Cultural Arts Group and of course, the City of Savannah Department of Cultural Affairs, the organization that keeps alive the constant flow, spirit and esthetic appreciation of all the arts in all fields and walks of life.

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