Business Listing Approval

Listing Guidelines

Savannah's Finest City Guide reserves the right to remove a listing at any time for activity or site content deemed inappropriate, based on the sole discretion of Charleston's Finest City Guide staff. Any of the following conditions may result in removal of a listing. Restrictions include, but are not limited to:

Removal of Listings

  1. Sexual content (nudity, eroticism)
  2. Profanity
  3. Hate speech or references
  4. References to software piracy ('warez', 'cracking', etc.)
  5. References to 'hacking' or 'phreaking', etc.
  6. Potentially illegal MP3 files
  • Illegal activity of any kind
  • Personal web pages
  • Non-English language web pages
  • Reciprocal Link Removal
  • Complaints about services and products