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Savannah Area Attractions

Enjoy yourself day or night in Savannah. Savannah offers many attractions with historic museums and homes, historical sites, city motorized tours, history, ghost and cemetery walking tour and carriage rides.

Historic District Attractions

Far beyond the natural draw this city has in its history, there is a wide variety of entertaining attractions to enjoy in Savannah. Of course there are the rich cultural arts and museums with a wealth of interesting legends and narratives as well as outdoor activities: the recreational beach, water sports and golfing galore, one will find a waterfront city worth its stripes in hospitality. Savannah goes above and beyond with a multitude of interesting things to do and see not typically found elsewhere. Savannah is unique in the attractions as well as the means by which to do and see them. One can walk, ride a carriage or hop the trolley to tour much of the historic city but there is an underlying culture that one might never experience if they don't pay attention. There are ghost tours and murder mystery cruises for those with a propensity for drama and intrigue. For the food coinsure, choose the restaurant tour, which among seven quality eateries, includes Paula Deen's famous place, Lady and Sons, where Paul may actually be in the kitchen! Or dine at the Pirate's House Restaurant, in business since 1753! For those interested in star power, there are almost 70 sites where movies have been filmed that can be visited as well as a tour of homes of stars. Drink in the soulful sounds of the Gospel music of the south on a dinner club cruise or take in the grand old homes of the Victorian District. So much southern flavor, charm, hospitality and style; it's not all historic but it's why you'll come back to Savannah again and again.

Things to Do in Savannah

Historic Savannah, whether you are interested in America's history, long past, the Revolutionary War, southern history, Civil War History, World War History, Civil Rights history or any number of other historical studies, architecture, arts, botany, the categories are boundless in what Savannah has to offer. Of course her history begins with the founding of the state of Georgia while still under British rule, but there are many subsequent facets to this southern city, which brought her to the shining gem she is today. Choose any one the above named areas and find a multitude of interesting facts and sites to learn about and study. Are you a War buff? Visit the town squares and many monuments or the Mighty Eighth Air Force Museum. Train enthusiast? Visit the museum with the historic account of America's oldest antebellum rail Facility, The Central of Georgia Railway Roundhouse Complex. Mix a little art with your history? There are no less than four art museums in Savannah, many of which offer pictorial history of the southern lady's journey through time. Being a coastal city with fresh water rivers, flowing as lifeblood through Savannah, there are marine based historical accounts from pirate's coves to the Ships of the Sea Maritime Museum. There is history for just about every possible interest: gospel, civil rights, wartime, freedom fighting, aviation, maritime, architecture and a smattering of ghost stories to salt things up a bit. Come to historic Savannah. She'll exceed your expectations.

Getting to know the layout of the area of Savannah and the outlying areas so you can find your way around is one of the first things to do.

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